The aim of our campsites is to ensure that you have all the facilities, services, comforts and entertainment without subtracting anything from the natural beauty of this paradise. In the fully organized campings, apart from the usual facilities, you can also find bungalows, restaurants, tavernas, bars, playgrounds, sports facilities and water sports.
So, visit us and enjoy the most beautiful, relaxing and unforgettable holidays of your dreams.

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The aim of the Halkidiki Camping Association is the promotion of this form of tourism (organized camping) and the promotion and advertising of Halkidiki in general. We also strive for the constant upgrading of the services offered by our members.
Through our efforts (participation in tourism fairs, articles in national and international press, distribution of brochures etc.) we aim at informing and keeping up-to-date those interested in visiting Halkidiki. All the lawful organized campsites should have on their reception wall the Special Legal Operation Sign as you can see it on this page. This sign guarantees full service throughout your stay.
It is strictly FORBIDDEN to put up tents or caravans in any place outside legal campsites. Offenders are penalized with large fines or even imprisonment according to the following laws: Law 2160/93 Articles 4 & 12 and Law 2741/99 Articles 21 & 1.

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